Orange River Map

The Orange River map shows the Orange River as one of South Africa’s Longest River and forms the border between South Africa and Namibia along the Transfrontier Richtersveld Park.

You are welcome to make use of our Orange River map to have an overview of the Rafting Trails that Umkulu Safari & Canoe trails have to offer. This River Map is not to scale and only an animated indication of where we are located and more or less an idea of the trips on offer in this region.

When travelling through the only desert region of South Africa it is advisable to have a good detailed map and a G.P.S system at hand. There are many small non marked roads and one needs to make good preparation prior to your visit of the Richtersveld. Northern Cape Tourism , Google Maps , Open Africa and Tracks for Africa is what we can recommend.

The better your maps and the more per paired you are , the better your experience will be in the Richtersveld and along the banks of the Orange River. The Richtersveld National Park has a main entrance at Sendlingsdrift. You can obtain some maps of the Transfrontier Park from the reservation office of SANParks.
The Orange River flows past the Fish River and meets SANParks at Sendlingsdrift. De Hoop is a popular campsite on the banks of the Orange River and one needs good maps to access these pristine locations along the Orange River.


The Orange River is home to some of the Northern Cape’s hidden jewels, namely the Augrbies National Park and the Richtersveld National Park. National Parks in and around the Orange River:


4 Day Orange River Rafting Trip


6 Day Orange River Rafting Trip


Orange River Map